On May the 6th we remember Pim Fortuyn who was assassinated


On May the 6th we remember Pim Fortuyn who was assassinated on this day in 2002.

His perspectives on subjects as Islam, immigration and border control, brought about his demise.

15 years after his death, our country is still lead by left elites, who do everything to defend and maintain their refugee revenue model.

Historical awareness and freedom of expression

It is if we learned nothing after these 15 years. So called refugees of Islamic origin are flooding in and the borders are kept wide open. Democracy is declining as EU rulers and EU laws are strangling us and hangs above our heads, like a sword of Damocles . Never before in history our freedom of speech has been at risk so much. Ruling political correct politicians exposing us to fascist Islam and the anti-fascists of yesterday became the fascists of today. The last 2 years we have imported 120,000 Muslims and combined with family reunification that number will surpass 450,000. Political correct elites learned nothing from history. Tolerating a fascist ideology in name of tolerance poisons our society and that’s obvious for no one dares to draw cartoons of the paedophile murderous prophet Mohamed or criticise Islam openly. Left fascists try to make that impossible anywhere they can. That Geert Wilders is on an assassination list and cannot move around without his security speaks for itself. Never before our freedom was so much at stake as it is now. Islam has proven not to fit in our western societies. But even worst are the politicians, media and left liberal screamers who facilitate this.

The left-wing smear campaign

Pim Fortuyn was first ridiculed and then demonized. On content there was no discussion. There was already a cordon sanitaire agreed by the elite, as now against the 1.3 million people who voted for the Party for Freedom (PVV). Constantly putting away and offend each Islam critic, from twitterer to journalist and columnist as Nazi and fascist, is exactly what happens today. We must cherish and respect the ideas of Pim for they are still current. Even worse, his ideas are so topical, that they still show how the elites have degraded and harmed the Netherlands.The liberal-left’s anti-democratic policies and their self-imposed blindness must be addressed in the most powerful way, and they must be stopped. With my pen as my only weapon I will fight these disgusting repulsive deniers. The ability to vote once every 4 years and then to be silenced because by a cordon sanitaire of the elite, makes me so angry. Very likely the 1.3 million voters on PVV are angry for this also. As far as I’m concerned democracy is of the utmost importance but the electorate has been put aside by left neoliberal fascism.

Liberation and freedom

The 5th of May Liberation day nowadays isn’t complete without Pim. What does freedom mean when you are put on an assassination list for your opinion. Liberation day is also not complete, for especially the PVV is barred from joining a government coalition, when the citizens of the Netherlands made it the 2nd largest party.

Pim, thanks for waken up the Netherlands and for being the first real freedom fighter after WWll.

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